Peterborough Skatepark

Help us add features for a better skatepark

We have approval from the PRC to proceed with phase 1 of the skatepark remodel and are just a few thousand dollars short of our goal. Construction is slated to begin this June. Please help us reach our goal for phase 1 of this effort by donating what you can.

Join the effort. Any funds we raise above and beyond our goal will be saved for phase 2. Let’s get er done!

Phase 1 of the park renovations is all street style and adds 3 main new features. The first is a plaza complete with stairs, rails, a quarter pipe, hubba and angled bank. The second is a spine ramp manny pad combo. And the third is a bank with a big ole curb at its apex for board slides and grinds.

The features we are adding in phase 1 are designed for newer riders and have elements that will allow more experienced riders to shred as well. Tons of fun is just a few months away. Help us get there. Donate now.